Presents from Rolling Stone Indonesia

Just a couple of weeks ago, Titi and Ho were a bit gloomy since their guitars broke and they couldn’t busk. Those were already beaten up for a while anyway. And Boni.. well, he never really have his own guitar. He borrowed his friends’ most of the time. He has an ukulele, also beaten up.

And look who came as Santa! It’s Rolling Stone Indonesia, who initiated “1000 Gitar Untuk Anak Indonesia” or “A Thousand Guitars for Indonesian Children” and involve a number of country musicians earlier last year.

A number of acoustic guitars have been given to underprivileged children who have interest in music through this movement, with the hope that they keep the spirit in music. The movement has managed to distribute more than 500 guitars to schools, shelters, schools, orphanages, and prisons in Indonesia.

Thank you Rolling Stones Indonesia, for keeping the children’s spark on to these faces!!

 Ho, Boni, and Titi

Ho, Boni, and Titi