A film about Indonesia, street music, love, prison, politics, sex, corruption, rice fields, globalization and heartache!


The Three Characters

Boni, Ho & Titi are three gifted, charismatic street musicians in Jakarta. JALANAN follows these young marginalized musicians and their never before seen sub-culture, while also painting a striking, moody and intimate portrait of Indonesia’s frenzied capital city.


"There is a rare magic in Daniel Ziv's exquisite JALANAN, at once warm and strange. This perfectly structured study of three characters, all struggling to find freedom despite enormous social pressure and painful personal circumstances, reminds me of everything i love and deplore about our fragile humanity and about Indonesia. Each protagonist is funny, eccentric, and wonderfully open. Daniel treats their search for meaning with a genuine and infections of love."

Joshua Oppenheimer - director The Act of Killing


“Absolutely blown away by Daniel Ziv's JALANAN. A vital, incredible piece of work. Deserves to be seen by everyone. Outstanding."

 Gareth Evans - director of Merantau, The Raid, and The Raid 2


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